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☘ Just In Case Your IT Luck Runs Out☘

Everyone wants to be lucky in life and business, but the truth is when it comes to technology, everyone’s luck eventually runs out.  Here are four things to increase your luck, in case that four-leaf clover and rabbit’s foot fail you.   Antivirus– Many argue, and some studies show, that Antivirus is less effective than […]

Data Disasters Are Expensive

Stop Duct Taping Your IT Problems

How do you approach your IT issues? Do you unplug, reboot and defrag just to keep going? Growing up in West Texas everyone says you can fix anything with bailing wire and duct tape, but with some things in IT that just isn’t true. These workarounds could be killing productivity or even worse – it […]

Five reasons to consider Managed IT Services

Reduce risk Let your Managed IT Service provider worry about technology.  You focus on your business and let them focus on your technology. Budgeted IT needs Having a fixed monthly fee for support keeps your IT cost lower.  Consider it insurance for all those technology problems! Having a plan before there is a problem Working […]

Microsoft Office 365

5 Great Reason to Move Your Business to Office 365

Ditch that worn out local Exchange Server. If you are like most SMB businesses that have yet to switch to Office 365, you probably still have a local Microsoft Exchange server lurking in your office, or even a Small Business Server.  Eliminate that Exchange server or lighten the load on that SBS server and move […]

Update Your Business Image Through Tech

It is alarming to speak with business owners today who are still very disconnected from the benefits that modern technology can bring to their business.  Here are few manageable areas where you can improve your business image. Customer Service How many times have you been on the phone with a customer service representative only to […]

Business IT Resolutions for the New Year

Educate yourself There is no denying it; technology is still changing and we are not going back to “the way things used to be”. It is time to become an informed business owner.  You do not have to become an expert, but learn enough to know that your IT support provider is delivering up to […]

Is Your Business Exposed For The Sake Of Free Wi-Fi?

Free Wi-Fi can be a great addition to any business. Deciding on whether or not to provide public or free wireless internet access to your customers is a decision all business leaders, with a brick and mortar office or store front, will have to make at some point.  How that free service is delivered and […]

Small & Midsize Business Phone System Considerations: On-Prem, Hosted or Hybrid

Even as email, web, and social media have become standard business tools, our mobile and office phones are still as important as ever.  Sure there are stories out there about landlines being a dying breed, but the onslaught of new Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) providers would have you believe that office phones are here […]

Five Considerations When Choosing An IT Support & Service Partner

Know your technology service partners’ availability. Is the technology partner an individual, corporation or partnership? How the operation works is key to understanding how service might be delivered. Do they carry Error & Omissions insurance or general liability insurance? Make sure your technology partner is able to cover damages, should something go wrong. If a […]

Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7 – Fresh, Migrate, Keep

Fresh There is quite the buzz lately regarding the release of Windows 10, so I thought why not join the conversation.  I run a Windows 7 Pro on my desktop and a Windows 8.1 Pro laptop.  I had the pleasure of installing Windows 10 on a 2nd older laptop.  My experience was fairly easy, I […]

How Solid Is Your Data Backup?

When it comes to data backups I cannot help but think of an episode from “Sex And The City” when Carrie’s Mac crashes and she finds out everyone is backing up their computer, except her.  While this is funny to watch, it is sadly a more common occurrence than it needs to be. All too […]

A Free iPhone 5. Why Give That Up?

As businesses embrace technology changes, the question of “Do we really need to change that right now?” is often overlooked.  Technology vendors produce hardware and software at a rate faster than most enterprises and certainly faster than small and midsize businesses can adopt or keep up with.  I advocate regularly for a company to embrace […]

Cisco Select Partner

Sidebar Technology Solutions – Now A Cisco Select Partner

We are happy to announce that today Sidebar Technology Solutions, an Austin-based technology services company, has achieved the status of Select Partner with Cisco, with a Small and Midsize Business Specialization.  We hope with this achievement that we are able to continue to add value to our clients and better support their needs through a […]

Five Ways To Lower Technology and IT Support Cost

1. Get all clients on the same productivity software version. Whether it is stand-alone Office 2007-2013, subscription-based Office 365, Google Apps, or an OpenOffice solution that you use, having all of your technology users on the same version can save time and money when it comes to overall support costs. Imagine Tim in accounting being […]

Sidebar Technology Solutions - Do Your Job

We All Have A Job, Do YOURS.

And all other duties assigned… We have all had those nondescript duties that we do as part of our job that is not truly our job.  It is that ambiguous line at the end of our job description that locks us into doing as we are told.  I have done my fair share of things […]

Sidebar Technology Solutions - Cover You Assets

Small & Medium Businesses – Cover Your A$$ets

Life Happens Early in my adult life I did not see the full value in certain types of insurance and extended service plans. In 2001, I experienced an apartment fire that destroyed all of my belongings. This experience was eye-opening. Recently I purchased a new laptop; its predecessor was a 2009 model that had seen […]

Sidebar Technology Solutions - IT Expert

Is Your IT “Expert” An Expert In Your Environment?

An Expert By Any Other Name… In my 18 year career, I have been fortunate enough to work with many experienced professionals within the IT community.  These experts range from college educated tech geeks to self-taught technical gurus with an OJT degree.  I think everyone in IT has been viewed as an expert in some […]