Sidebar Technology Solutions:

IT Solutions Designed For Your Business

No matter what your business IT goals are, you will always get the most from every investment you make with Sidebar Technology Solutions. Our services and support look different from client-to-client, but one thing remains the same: your business pays only for the support and services that fit you best. As your partner in IT services, our goal is to consistently offer transparent, customizable and affordable solutions that help your business run more efficiently, save on costs and reach more customers.

With Sidebar’s Managed IT Services, you have tech support when and wherever you need it. Our services customize to include everything you need and nothing you don’t, from software updates and malware protection to IT inventory management and automated data backups. We deploy and manage every aspect of your technology ecosystem at a price that meets your budget.

Each business has unique needs and desires when it comes to technology projects. Perhaps yours requires a one-time installation and implementation strategy. You might be expanding the business and need additional infrastructure.

Maybe you have a large technology project that could use an extra set of eyes, ears, and hands. Or, maybe, you have a small, ad-hoc project you think no IT services team will take.

Whatever the project size, Sidebar is here for you with its on-demand and scalable Business IT Services. Our project delivery teams complement existing IT staff by keeping them focused on their primary responsibilities while helping you take the next step with technology.